Five Ways to Grow Your Small Business

A few decades ago, Bruce Springsteen wrote and recorded a popular song entitled From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come). Although the lyrics tell the story of a young couple’s adventures, the song’s title is a perfect metaphor for entrepreneurship. Many companies, maybe even the vast majority of them, begin life as small businesses.Continue reading “Five Ways to Grow Your Small Business”

The Benefits of a People First Business Culture

With so much going on in today’s world, it’s become easy to hide behind a computer and let it do all the work. Efficiency, afterall, is one of the most important components in business, correct? Well, yes and no. It’s important to create efficiencies in your company and for your customers, but you also needContinue reading “The Benefits of a People First Business Culture”

What Playing Professional Hockey Taught Me About Business

As a child growing up in Toronto, like many young Canadians, my dream was to play hockey in the NHL, preferably for my hometown Blue Jays. I love the sport and was good at it. And although I didn’t get drafted by an NHL team, I did play professionally for four wonderful years in Europe.Continue reading “What Playing Professional Hockey Taught Me About Business”

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